Since I am going to be your coach and group mastermind facilitator,
I would like to share a little of my bio and background:

  • I am a “forever grateful for His grace” follower of Jesus Christ.
  • I am blessed to be the wife of my business partner and best friend, Tom Wolf.
  • I am head-over -heels in love with my 3 children and their spouses.
  • I am bonkers over my 7 beautiful grandbabies.
  • I am an co-author with my husband of the powerful life purpose workbook and program, Identity and Destiny – Finding Your God Given Sweet Spot.
  • I am a speaker, entrepreneur and certified coach.
  • I love working with women who know their businesses and ministries are more than a job – they are also a calling! I love helping them increase their opportunity for impact in the marketplace.
  • I love helping them live purpose-filled lives and coaching them to up-level their success…impact…and influence – while keeping a watchful eye on work:life balance.

Over the years, I have gained much leadership and business building experience (one business in excess of $20 Million in revenues). I have also equipped myself with a strong resume of coaching certification and group facilitation credentials.

“For such a time as this”…
I am now taking all that experience – including 5 years of leading Vistage CEO round tables and detailed knowledge of C12 – and creating something NEW!

Something designed just for women to come together in regularly scheduled group meetings to learn, grow and support each other as they build their businesses or ministries.

But that is not all.
There is also offer private one- on-one coaching where I help you stay on course and apply all the new information and ideas.
And… just like you…I know what it’s like to try to juggle all the demands of life. Together we will be helping each other gain the clarity we need to keep the right things at the top of our “to do” lists…and stay out of overwhelm!

You may be a perfect fit for this group, if so, I know this group has the power to make a monumental difference in your business and your life. How do I know? I’ve been in a number of mastermind groups over the years and seen firsthand the value of this kind of coaching. In fact, I am currently in a mastermind devoted to honing the skills of mastermind group leaders!

I know the power of the process…and I have to tell you…without my own mastermind group, I’m not sure I would be stepping out to make my long-held dream of starting CWOI a reality?

And that is why I have chosen the tag line:

We always achieve more in community than we do when we go it alone.

For my full bio and resume – you can go to

I look forward to providing all the information you need 
to make a wise choice about CWOI!

Contact me:
Pam Wolf
(813) 968-9792